Tasmania: Coles Bay: Review of Hazards Escape


Hazards Escape

The Freycinet Peninsula may be a popular holiday destination, especially for folks who wish to visit Wineglass bay. However, the availability of affordable accommodation options around the area, particularly around Coles Bay, is woefully inadequate. All we wanted was just a place for 2 people to crash for the night. The options available are either holiday houses that are far too large or the luxury hotels around Coles Bay. Cheaper options are in abundance either at Bicheno, half an hour away in the north or at Swansea, about 45 minutes south; neither of which were options for me.


A somewhat skewed photo of the interior due to the panoramic setting of my camera

Fortunately, I found Hazards Escape. It is a small place, almost like a sleepout, but large enough with an ensuite, a small kitchen and a living room. The place is clean, and certainly more than adequate for a few nights. I am quite amazed with the fine insulation of the unit.: while the floor didn’t feel like it was heated, it wasn’t cold either, and that in the middle of winter.

Ros, our host, was most helpful with information about the area. She met us when we arrived and made us feel very welcome.


The warm house, coupled with the warm hospitality only made us feeling sorry we didn’t have time to stay longer.

So, if you are a couple looking for good, clean and comfortable accommodation in Coles Bay, I would highly recommend Hazards Escape. It’s proximity to the Wineglass Bay track makes it the perfect spot to stay.

You can book Hazards Escape either at airbnb (link) or directly at their website: http://colesbayfreycinet.com/

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